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The Apple or Snicker Bar?

You get home after a long stressful day at work and decide to eat a snack before dinner. You also have recently started a diet and the meal plan given to you allows for you to have a snack in between meals. Your meal plan clearly states to have an apple but after being yelled at by your boss earlier that day, you decide to chomp away at the snicker bar and live happily ever after. 


No, you're not a failure, nor do you suck at dieting. You simply made a decision based on an emotional state you were in at the time and that is normal, we all do it. You had the knowledge of what to eat but unfortunately, the meal plan did not come with an emergency emotional food list. 


Truth is, knowledge of what to eat is overrated. One quick search on the internet we can easily access to view exactly what and how much food we need to eat every day for health. We know the apple is the better choice and we know what foods are good for health and weight-loss, but even with the endless amounts of information, meal plans, and knowledge at our fingertips, why do we still choose the snicker bar? 


The answer is quite simple: we are humans, not robots and as crazy, beautiful humans, we are subjected to emotional states, physical conditions, time constraints, and social occasions, ALL of which have major influences on food choices despite having the knowledge of what foods we should be eating.  


Unfortunately, I cannot give you solutions to every single scenario that you may encounter when making food choices. What I can offer is a simple, yet effective strategy to combat the variables that motivate your food selections. Are you ready? Next time you're about to make a food choice, simply PAUSE and ask yourself, what or why am I eating at this moment for? Am I eating for an emotion? Social occasion? My fitness goals? When you take a second to audit your intentions, you not only become aware of your food choices, you take CONTROL and make the best decision based on what particular situation you are in. Notice, I said the "best" decision and not the "right" decision. Food is not right or wrong, good or bad. It's the auto pilot subconscious mind that we never stop to manually take control of from time to time that may hinder us from making better decisions in our nutrition.


Pause, assess, and take control. Goodluck!   


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