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Set Yourself Up for Daily Victories

October 3, 2017

Set Yourself Up for Daily Victories


Many successful people have one thing in common, they are planners. We achieve much more than we think by setting small daily tasks that feel like little victories sprinkled in our weeks as we work towards achieving a goal. 


Step 1


Good goal setting always involves two things, 1) an obtainable goal; 2) an actionable plan.



An obtainable goal is probably where most of us need to start. While you may have some goals they may not be in their obtainable form yet. Take for example someone whose goal is "to get shredded.” Well, what does that exactly mean and how do we know when we have achieved it? What the person may mean is one or a combination of the following; lose 10 pounds, lose 5 inches around the waist, lose 20 millimeters of skin fold thickness. All of the previous are measurable. We can objectively see whether they are achieved or not compared to just “getting shredded.” We need to take vague goals like “getting fit,” or “getting strong” and put some measurable qualities or traits to them (and it goes without saying they have to be within the realm of reason).


Step 2


After you have a good big goal, we now need to set up some small goals. Let’s stick with our “get shredded” example from above. That vague goal was changed into the following three goals: 1) lose 10 pounds, 2) lose 5 inches around the waist, 3) lose 20 millimeters of skin fold thickness. Those goals are still too big to achieve quickly. So we need to figure out what kind of short term goal, a weekly goal perhaps, that can effectively achieve the bigger goals. In this case maybe its lose 1-2 pounds of weight per week. 


Step 3


To accomplish this weekly goal, you know you need to work at it on a daily basis, and that is where the small victories come in. Every night come up with three things that will help you achieve your weekly goal. Write them down or set them in your phone as tomorrow’s goals. As you accomplish them you will build momentum and help keep yourself motivated to reach the goals that are a bit farther off. So for our example maybe a set of daily goals look like: 1) take the stairs all day, 2) park further away from work/store fronts, 3) don’t have the morning or afternoon office snacks. Accomplishing all of these throughout the day will feel like you are winning. Setting and achieving those small daily tasks to work towards the bigger goals will help keep you focused, aware, and committed to your goals.


How To Set Your Daily Goals


Keep a few things in mind when deciding on what should be your daily goal.


1) They should be challenging enough to make you have to think about them periodically throughout the day, but not so challenging they are ridiculous and unobtainable.


2) You should have enough to keep you busy, but not so many that your attention and efforts are spread too thin.


3) They should be completed at slightly different times through the day so momentum builds from one to the next.


4) Hold yourself accountable to your goals, don’t just set them, pursue them!


5) extra minutes spent at night setting up or planning the next day’s objectives can help pepper your week with the little victories that may be needed to finally achieve that fitness goal. 

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