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Flex Level Fitness Virtual Tour now live! 

Come in and take a look around at our 10,000 sq ft facility all from your mobile device. 


Weight Room

Hit the Weight Room and leave a stronger person. Designed by athletes for athletes, this high-performance training space is the real deal. There are no unnecessary distractions so you can stay focused and committed to achieving your fitness goals. Make sure to check out the Weight Room the next time your are in!

Cardio Room

Cardio Room has everything you need for optimal calorie burn. Want to run faster? Increase your stamina?  We have new stair masters that can help build and tone your glutes.  Our air conditioned room makes your cardio experience comfortable.


Personal Training Room

Ready for an amazing workout experience? Training Session held in our Trainer's room will have you feeling incredible. Not only is the Room air conditioned but versatility of our trainers room  allows us to offer all your favorite workouts with our certified personal trainers leading through an amazing muscle building workout.


Strength Training Room

Every serious individual that aims to lift more weight; whether for recreational or competition purpose.  We at Flex Level Fitness provide the necessary tools for you to reach your maximum potential.  Come try our our specialty plates, bars, and equipment.

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