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Client Testimonials


I first heard about Flex Level Fitness through my sister, whom had great weight loss results training with Eric Lee Salazar. I’ve been coming to Flex Level Fitness for 3 years now and have had personal training through Eric Lee Salazar for 2 years. He is professional and passionate about training. He does not over sell and is honest with results. Although, I have been slim most of my life but gained fat in unwanted areas of my body during my pregnancies. Through the weight training and nutrition guidance that Eric Lee Salazar offers I have been able to obtain a new body composition. I lost fat, gained muscle and so much strength. As for the facility that is offered it is spacious, family friendly and never crowded. There is unique equipment, unlike anywhere else!

- Fabiola Sierra


I gained the bulk of my weight when I was attending school out of state. I came back home sitting at 240 lbs. soon after I joined a gym and slowly started to drop the weight. I had dropped 30 lbs on my own, but I got to a point were I wasn't loosing anymore weight. This is when I decided to join Flex Level. I had heard about Eric and his diet plans and I decided to give it a try. He taught me about flexible dieting. Which was something completely new to me. Lifting weights is easy, learning how to eat towards your weight loss is the hard part. Thankfully, I had Eric to teach me. I was learning about counting macros to help with my weight loss. The diet plan worked, and I started to drop the weight. Since joining Flex Level I have dropped over 50 lbs and am ready for whatever comes next. Having that one on one with experienced trainers is great. I always say the trainers here "practice what they preach" and are always there to lend a hand. I can't speak for others, but for me fitness if part of living a healthy life, and having a gym that feels like home is really important. Flex is that second home me.

-Carlos Villarreal


I have been a proud member of Flex Level Fitness for the past nine months. I had previously been attending a commercial gym for the past few years until I made the decision to embark on a new adventure to enhance my progress. With the intention in mind to only reach my personal goals, it took me by surprise that 5 months later I would become a NPC/INBF competitor! I participated in two shows, placing higher than I had initially expected! My shows are done for now, but it only left my hungry for more. Coming to Flex Level has sparked my desire to reach goals that I didn’t think I could obtain, but now seem more tangible. Although I am not prepping for a show at this moment and I’m on my off season, I continue to choose Flex because the trainers are very knowledgeable and the atmosphere is so inviting. What was supposed to be a temporary gym has become my HOME!

-Suma Chavez




I can go on and on about how awesome Flex Level Fitness is. One of the things I love about this place is that everyone knows you and greets you, makes you feel welcome. Never once have I felt intimidated. Everyone there has a goal and are there for results and their guaranteed if you put in the work. The equipment is top notch and you really do feel like apart of a family. The staff there are amazing and friendly people. You will have fun as well as achieve your goals. I drive 30 mins to Flex Level Fitness and sit in an hour traffic going home everyday because this gym is awesome and it has changed my life.. -Cease Martinez

Competition Clients

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