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Can you build your metabolism?

I want to build my metabolism so I could eat 500g of carbs this off-season, then when I diet I can eat 400g and get ripped. This has been lost in translation in the fitness/coach/client community.

What makes up (BMR or RMR)??

Defined as the rate at which your body uses energy when you are resting in order to keep vital functions going such as breathing and staying warm.

I bring up BMR because this is usually what the client is wanting to be raised/ taught/ built/ tricked/ trained to such a new higher capacity.

Here is an example of your favorite Instagram athlete: Sarah Palmer eats 350g of Carbs and is lean, losing weight whilst smiling the whole way through.... what you do not know about Sarah is the whole physiological story.....

Sarah Palmer is:

5'6 25yr

2215cal - 350g Carbs 125g Protein 35g Fat. Daily steps are 16k and working out twice a day.

Does Sarah Palmer have a higher BMR than you? Did she train her BMR to handle more carb volume? Not exactly. While you are on the quest to eat the same carbs you are likely doing this... Michelle Harry is:

5'5 25yr

2450cal - 350g Carbs 150g Protein 50g Fat. Daily steps are 6K and working out once a day.. Michelle is gaining weight. Maybe she needs a new coach to properly 'build her metabolism'? Wrong!

Okay so how can I eat more while losing weight??? Thermic Effect of Physical Activity (PA) or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis (extra moving/chores/walking)..


Understand that insta athletes WILL NOT TELL THE WHOLE STORY.. They will simply say claims of (400g-600g carbs). Metabolism is not just simply BMR, it is made up of Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) and Physical Activity (PA). In the literature we look at metabolic adaptation or hear the phrase that you have lowered your BMR. This could be from weighing less as you are losing fat/ weight which your body now does not have to carry an extra 10lb load per 24-hour period which in turn will burn less calories . Leptin/Cortisol/Metabolic adaptations are real physiological issues when dieting, but are being misinterpreted as a huge drop in metabolism which is being even more misconstrued as a possible huge over-exaggerated raise in metabolism.

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